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Break free from the feast or famine cycle of freelancing.

FreeFlow lets freelancers make sure they always have enough client work lined up to break free from feast or famine.

Overcoming variable income

While freelancing comes with a lot of perks, including more freedom, flexible hours and being your own boss, it does come with one big disadvantage: highly variable income. Some months you may be raking it in, while others may leave you struggling to pay the rent.

To break free from this feast or famine cycle, you need to be consistently doing three things:

  • Have enough client work lined up to avoid dry spells
  • Make sure you’re not spending more than you’re earning
  • Save money in good times to get through inevitable bad times

Simple? Yes. Easy? No.

Good thing FreeFlow helps you with all three.

Meet your income goal

Know how much you'll be making each month by scheduling upcoming projects with their expected income and duration.

By comparing forecasted income to your monthly income goal, you’ll be able to see if you have enough client work lined up to achieve your financial goals.

Meet your income goal with income forecasting

Avoid dry spells

You may be busy with client work now, but do you have enough projects in your pipeline to avoid potential dry spells?

Easily keep track of potential projects as they go from leads to proposals to client approved.

Avoid dry spells with pipeline management

Build financial stability

Setting money aside for taxes and emergencies is essential for building your financial stability as a freelancer.

Get recommendations on how much you should save and track your progress to see how close your are to reaching your financial goals.

Build financial stability

FreeFlow also lets you...

Get proposals approved online

Create, send and get proposals approved right within FreeFlow. Once a proposal is approved, the project and its expected income will be added to your income forecast automatically.

Get paid quicker and more reliably

Create, send and get invoices paid online via credit card or ACH bank transfer. If your client forgets to pay in time, FreeFlow will send them automatic payment reminders until the invoice is paid.

Track time with the built-in timer

Keep track of the amount of time you spend on projects with the built-in timer. Tracked time can then be used to create invoices automatically.